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Have you ever heard of a Life Art Party? Well, if you haven’t, then you definitely should book one for any special occasion you have coming up, such as a Hen or a Buck party. Or, you could just book one for the simple sake of having a good time with your friends without needing an excuse to throw a party! Sometimes, the simple need to have a good time is justification enough for an event.

A Life Art Party is an event where a hunky male model and/or a sexy female model attend your event completely naked for the sake of you and your event guests completing naked portraits of them. You can even make a contest of it to see who does the best job at trying their hand at nude art! Wouldn’t that be so much fun?

A Life Art Party is truly such a great experience that everyone should try at least once in their life, as nude art is truly such a timeless and classy thing. You should certainly give it a try and have the experience of attending a Life Art Party. Who knows? You might find out that you were a better artist than you ever thought you were when you are presented with some very attractive and very naked inspiration before you to paint or draw. You might discover some hidden talents that you never knew were buried deep within yourself!

Or perhaps you already know that you are a very good artist but have never gotten a chance to try your hand at nude art and are curious at what the experience would be like. Regardless of your skill level or experience in the field of art or, more specifically, nude art, anyone can attend a Life Art Party and have the time of a lifetime.

The models provided, whether they are male or female (or if both attend your event), are truly—as the name of your event suggests—art. If you go through Stripped Entertainment in the process of planning your event, we will make sure to provide you with only the most attractive, skilled and talented models who know just how to model for your party guests in order to get the best reaction to your event and ensure everyone is having a wonderful time there.

It doesn’t matter if you are good at art or not, because Life Art Parties are for everyone. The whole point of the event is just to have a good time, so even if you are not the most skilled person in the room with a paint brush in hand, it doesn’t have to be competitive. You can always just attend and enjoy the eye candy before you as you paint them to the best of your ability and see how great the other guests at the event are at capturing their inspiration in all of their glory. Half the fun is definitely creating your own rendition of the model, but the other half is seeing what the other guests at the party came up with!

Contact Stripped Entertainment today about planning a Life Art Party your guests will definitely love!