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Fat O Gram


Got a great event coming up that you want to celebrate with your friends? Are you or one of your friends about to have a big birthday that is coming up, such as their 18th or 21st? Are you in charge of planning the festivities and entertainment and struggling to come up with a unique idea that will both surprise and entertain all of the guests who will be attending the event so that way they remember it for years to come?

Everyone who is in the position of planning to throw a party wants to think of a unique and surprising way to entertain the guests so that the party will reach a legendary status and become the event that your friends are trying to “top” in the coming years of your friendship. You want to throw an event that you’ll look back on fondly later. And doesn’t your friend deserve the best 18th or 21st birthday celebration ever? Of if it is your own birthday celebration that you are trying to plan, then there is definitely not a doubt that you want to make it the best celebration that it could possibly be.

One idea that many people have had in the past for these sorts of events is to hire a stripper to come to the event and serve as some eye candy to give everyone at the party something to look at while the stripper puts on an amazing show to the thrill and delight of everyone there.

Well, how would you like to put a hilarious twist on the normal strippers shows that everyone has at their parties? Do you and your friends have the sort of relationship in which you like to trick or prank each other a lot and mess with each other? If so, this is definitely the perfect party idea: Hire a Fat-O-Gram!

A Fat-O-Gram, if you have never heard of one, is an extremely overweight stripper! How funny would it be if you told your friend that you hired a stripper for his 18th or 21st birthday party and he was super excited, only to find a Fat-O-Gram enter the room to put on a show for him and all of his friends.

At Stripped Entertainment, we have the best selection of Fat-O-Gram strippers for you to hire for your event that your friends will definitely find hilarious! Our Fat-O-Gram’s have an excellent sense of humor and put on a great show that will leave everyone laughing. The initial disappointment that your friend will experience at not having the type of stripped he expected at his party will quickly be disappointed by the hilarity of the great shows our Fat-O-Grams are capable of putting on for you and your friends! If you wanted to go all out, you could also hire the hot strippers your friend certainly had in mind from Stripped Entertainment to enter the scene after the Fat-O-Gram finishes her show!

The surprise and shock that your friends will experience when they see the entertainment you have hired will definitely go over well when everyone is falling over themselves laughing and enjoying the wonderful shows our Fat-O-Gram hiring services will put on for you! So what are you waiting for? If you are in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Gold Coast or Canberra, we have just what you need to ensure your event is a success! Contact Stripped Entertainment today!